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In a complex world the ability to see ahead, perform, and take opportunities can seem like a gift. At Winxio, everything we have learned and lived is filtered into certainty of movement. Our expertise, our instincts, and our venture are your advantage. In an era of disruption where old models and standards fade away, we are your partner.


We turn vision into reality

With today’s rapid speed of change, the opportunities presented by traditional sectors and pioneering innovations require agility and vision to take decisive action.

For those who are determined to take opportunities, Winxio offers a team that fulfills ambition and turns vision into reality. We develop personalized strategies according to the needs of our clients, combining the traditional aspects of Insurance analysis with a strong entrepreneurial spirit.

We explore the wide range of global markets and expertise for our clients. Although our clients have different goals and measures of success, they all trust on our relentless energy and know-how to achieve their goals.

About us

Winxio is a highly modern, independent and partnership-based Insurance Brokerage company.

The head office is located in Zug, Switzerland. We are an independent and dedicated team of financial, legal and financial analyst specialists.

Winxio has created a dynamic organization that offers effective and flexible financial services to its client base, going beyond the possibilities and limitations of traditional banks and asset managers.

our Expertise

We continue explore the conditions – and the opportunities – that are ahead.

We work across continents and cultures, drawing on all that our unique team has learned and lived to create innovative and decisive opportunities with the certainty of action.

We work intelligently to achieve our goals quickly and efficiently. Our best trades are our energy, commitment, determination and sharpness.

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